become a Soul Speaker

i'm an empath, what's next?

a way to find peace and purpose with your hyper sensitivity


realising you are an empath is an important first step on your way to connecting back to who you are. And yet, in today's world, it can be daunting and hard to navigate.

this immersion helps you learn more about yourself. a step by step approach during which you will fall in love with who you are all over again.

navigating the craziness of today's world, both personally and professionally can be a real challenge for an empath.

for years, you have found ways to cope with society. ways to keep it up. ways to be what others expect of you, but not who you truly are. you've face rudeness. perhaps even cruelty from other's behaviour.

maybe it's time to give yourself a break. and find a safe space where you'll be able to learn more about yourself. and where you'll find tools to be better at navigating the world. both personally and professionally.

for professionals: the tools you learn here will also serve you with your clients.


this immersion includes

video explanation

audio you can listen to at any time

exercises to use in your daily life

group to share your experiences and learn from others

access for life

BONUS: a life long VIP access to the members' lounge.

access for life

149 USD - 145 CHF - 139 EUR - 188 CAD

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