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Key questions I get asked

Is it for me?

I have seen people from all ages, from across the world, from all life situations and background.

The one thing everyone has in common is the desire to understand who they are better. To find an answer they are looking for. The mind can only take you this far. Soul Speak takes you one step further.

When is it useful?

Soul Speak is useful if you wish to connect deeply with who you are. You are not just your mind, your heart, your body. You are more than that. And ready to figure it out.

Soul Speak can give you answers to questions you’ve been stuck with for eons. It can help you make better choices as they will be inspired from within. Set a tone, a direction.

I have seen many of my clients move freely and quickly in the direction they’ve been wanting and waiting for. Many times, the unknown is scary. Making life changes is scary.

But once you feel deeply within, there are no more questions.

for message for you, what are the type of questions I can get answers to?

It can be something very concrete. Am I with the right partner? Is this job the one for me? What is my next step professionally? Where should I move to?

Listening to unconscious parts within will give you answers, resolve inner conflicts and get things clear.

It can be something spiritual. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my raison d’être? What is my Soul Purpose? What is my hidden talent? How can I activate my connections (e.g. healing, channeling etc)?

It can help you in your Soul Connection, Expansion and when you move through a vibratory state.

You will either get a clear answer or you will see what is blocking you from moving forward. In both cases, it will initiate the next step in your life and give you direction.

for message for you, how do I get answers?

This differs from person to person. Some will have a feeling, just know. Some will have a visual picture. Some will hear. Some will feel in the body. Some will feel in the subtle bodies.

There are as many different ways as there are people.

However, at the end, I will take time with you so you can clarify what needs to be clarified and take home the essence of your experience.

how many sessions do I need?

If you have one question, one time will be enough.

If you need to go through a blockage or have many questions, I recommend coming 3 to 5 times over 1 to 2 month period. It might then also be useful to add a discussion session or an immersion.

and if you use Soul Speak as a way to connect to your Soul and Expand, I recommend once a month or when you feel the need.

What is different from a coaching session, a spiritual guidance or energy session?

I often get the comment "this is unlike anything I've done before, and I have tested so many different things". While I always say, it's an experience to be had and you'll see for yourself, I can try to give you pointers in which way it differs to other types of sessions you might know.


In a coaching session, you will be involved with your mind solving a problem. With Soul Speak, we connect with everything else that is you. You are able to feel more and free yourself from the constructs of the mind.

In a spiritual guidance session, you will ask your question and the person will answer you. With Soul Speak, you will feel and get the answers, feel the blocage, meet with your guide yourself. I am here to assist you so that it works.

In an energy session, you will receive energies, they will work on some of your bodies. It is helpful to heal / free space and to some extent understand. With Soul Speak, I rarely work with external energies: it is you and me. 


Ready to book your experience?

Contact me to inquire about country specific prices, as I adjust to your location.

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