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become a Soul Speaker

deep heal

one on one healing program


for anyone who is ready to take their healing journey to the next step

as you progress on your healing journey, you may come to a point where you feel you need to go one step further. it's the right time in your life. you feel ready.

I have been guiding people on their healing journey for a long time. I learned and applied many techniques. Until I found an approach that not only works, but I am proud of and makes my clients happy.

You see, the healing journey is tough. And there is no way around it. Facing oneself requires courage and determination. And yet, I have seen with so many people: the result is what you have learned along the way.

My clients learn: they are their own healer.

Most of them come to me to understand what it means, what they are capable of.

I have put that at the base of all of what I do. I do not heal for you, I encourage you and show you how to heal yourself.

Many times, healing has to do with looking at the shadow-self. What has happened in our subconscious, in other lifetimes or was passed down generations that make us -not who we are- but how we have become.

The techniques that I use are as gentle as they come, because I have understood we were all hurt and we all built huge protections around us. Healing is not about pushing those protections, it's about gently listening, with a lot of care and attention, to the part that was hurt.

Until it's ready to heal itself.

The program I am offering you, is the result of years of hard work. It is a combination of deep healing and soulful activations.

Because remember, the purpose of the healing journey is for you to find back to who you always were and forgot along the way.

I will be very pleased to work with you on your own deep heal journey.


this one on one deep heal journey includes

1x / month a Soul Speak Session

1x / month a Traditional session

2x / month answers to your burning questions

BONUS: a life long access to the members' lounge with access to perks and surprises, especially when I travel.


With the Soul Speak session, we ensure you are working on your alignment and vibrations. It also allows me to build an energy frame, which will help support you as you move forward. All the energy will be there for you to succeed.

This set-up will help us deep dive during our traditional sessions. We will work together to heal and let go what needs be.

I will also be available for you as questions are raised. I will answer twice per month with a personalised audio response on WhatsApp.

If you are looking for a professional and efficient way to take your healing to the next level, this may be the program you were looking for.

Start now, Stop when you want.