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a one on one learning experience for professionals

we are energy. everything around us is energy.

this is a program to deepen your perception and apply to your professional life in a way that is uniquely you.


My Approach

The beauty of this program is that it's completely built around who you are and what you came here to do.

It's 100% tailored to you.

One of my purpose here on earth is to help people recognise who they are beyond their mind, why they are here and to see and feel the energy inside and around us. I have developed the ability to sense and decode what is happening in the subtle world. I call it multidimensionality, as truly it is vast.

While I am able to see, sense and decode, I am also able to show you how to do so.

My approach is to guide you within the world of energy, so you can learn, apply to your professional life and especially become autonomous.

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we all came here with a different purpose, a different reason to be on earth, and especially different capabilities.

while we may share some commonalities, my wish for you is to see and apply what you came here to do. nothing more, nothing less, and not something someone else needs to be doing.

your inspiration is you.

let's bring your uniqueness to the world.

The Steps

We each came with our own special reason to be here and our own special vibration.

There are 3 main steps to realise this.

Part of the ENERGY program is for you to completely align and tune into who you are and why you're here. The first step will be about this. Aligning, getting clarity and a sense of direction.

Based on that, you will experience specialised teachings and activations. I am always stunned when I see how different everyone is, and how each person needs to be doing their "own thing". In a way, it makes sense as we are all different, with different experiences, pasts, futures and presents. So while we may recognise many came to "make this earth a better place" and to advance some personal soul learnings, the way you decide to go about this is different from person to person. I am not only interested in you figuring out the main topics, I am interested in you figuring out what exactly are you capable of doing and how exactly to translate that into your professional life.

Let's look at a few example.


Jules is an energy practitioner, he has his own clients and has been taught how to use energy to help them. He applies what he has learned, it works but he doesn't understand why or how exactly. With the ENERGY program, he has now understood from within why he is doing what he is doing. He has healed some of the pitfalls that were draining his energy and he is now able to see his own unique vibration and the one of his clients. He can apply a surgical approach with his clients and has learned and activated tools that only he is here to share and master. His practice has transformed as he is more aligned with who he is than ever before. He has closed the door to learning from others and he now knows how to be present with himself, not blindly but in complete awareness of what is happening. His methods will be uniquely his.

Sophie is a mother of two, she understands how unique she is just by looking at her kids. She knows, she has something special to share with the world. She doesn't understand exactly what or how. It seems she has been stuck there for quite a few years. Life has kept her busy. She started the ENERGY program, because she knows deep within there is something more there. As she aligns, understand how easy it is to navigate multidimensionality. She realises her specificities. She now knows what makes her different and learns how to put it into words to inspire others around her.

And finally, Sam is an engineer and architect. They love to build spaces, rooms and buildings. They understood their ability to see more than matter and to create spaces filled with intentional vibrations. While there are books and trainings about this, it seems like they came to earth to try out something new, but they don't know where to begin. As they enrolled in the ENERGY program, they understood more about their ability to see what can't be seen. They received direct downloads on why they are here and how they can transform the perception of others through structures. They also understood the importance of the type of matter they are using. As they deep dive into their own personal vibrations, they get deep insights and learnings. It's mind-blowing to them. They didn't think there was so much.

The final step will be to get you ready for complete autonomy. We will look at how to put it into practice in your own life and professional aspirations. You will have completed the ENERGY program and will be able to move on on your own.

For Whom?

this program is designed for anyone who wishes to integrate the world of ENERGY within their professional life.


it may be as a healer or energy practitioner who wishes to go one step further.

it may be as an author or artist

it may be as a coach

it may be as a speaker

it may be as any professional who wishes to incorporate the learnings of the subtle to what they do. Maybe an architect or a builder.


As this program is tailored, we'll adjust to you, no matter if you just recently started or you are more advanced.

If you want to make sure it is made for you, check-in within yourself. And if you still have doubts, reach out to me and we'll have a chat.

What we will be doing

You get 4 hours per month together. This includes one on one sessions as well as the possibility to record your work and receive detailed feedback.


Some of the sessions will be activations, at other times we will include deephealing elements and most of the time we will be navigating multidimensionality.

Potential Topics

The list of topics we will cover will completely depend on your needs. We will focus on what you need.

There is no structured outlines, think of it more as building blocks and we decide together the direction it will take. At times one session will suffise, at other times, we will spend an entire month.

For sure, we will start by establishing a strong foundation. then, we will specialise and add more topics. as we progress, you will apply your learnings directly to your professional field of expertise.

Here are examples: 


SEEING DEEPDIVE advanced multidimensional reading capabilities for professionals

SOUL READING, mastery for professionals

HEALING - ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALER, what is your core healing energy and process

HEALING - ADD other types of energies to complete


HEALING - HOW TO HEAL OTHERS, the 3 ways and your personal approach



MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALING, apply the basic technics while you navigate


BLOCAGES - what is preventing you from moving forward

ALIGNMENT - how to align yourself

ALIGNMENT WITH CLIENTS - how to align clients

ENERGY ROOMS - how to create energy rooms for yourself

ENERGY ROOMS WITH CLIENTS - how to apply this technique with clients

CHANNELING - how to recognize outside energies, how to channel, the bases

CHANNELING LIVE - learn to channel through your own body

SOUL SPEAK - how to connect with your soul + essence

SOUL SPEAK WITH CLIENTS - how to connect with soul + essence of your clients

JOURNEY OF A SOUL - recognize and learn the path of souls

JOURNEY OF A SOUL CLIENTS - apply with clients

DECODE VIBRATIONS, enter the process of light

CLEANING YOURSELF, from entities and energies



SOUL PURPOSE, why are you here

ORIGIN, where are you from

SHARE WITH THE WORLD, what does that mean, what do you say to whom and how

ALIGN, CENTER & GROUND, basic perspective

ALIGN, CENTER & GROUND, multidimensional perspective


CONSCIOUSNESS, what is it and how you can become aware of it

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS, this fabulous library

REGRESSIONS, learn to apply with yourself

REGRESSIONS WITH CLIENTS, learn to apply with clients

MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRAVELS, learn to apply with yourself



CREATE ENERGIES and the process of creation







WORKING WITH LIGHT, and understanding shadow

and so much more..

Program Length

Each person is different, you will feel it when it's time to stop. I have designed this program specifically with this in mind as you can end the program at any time, when you feel you are ready.


this one on one learning experience includes

4h / month tailored sessions

1x / month detailed feedback

BONUS: a life long access to the members' lounge and special perks when I'm traveling.


    Every month
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