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I am a Soul Speaker.

I am Laure. I'm 39. 

I am a Soul Speaker.


Over the years I have developed a sensitivity that allows me to feel, see, hear, understand, decode and translate the subtle.


I feel the knots, which allows me to align and explain with precision what is happening.


I see people's multi-dimensionality. I navigate and bring my clients where they ask to go.


I have the ability to hold energetic spaces so that bridges can be created. 

Why Soul Speak?

The short answer. Clarity.

When I first started asking myself all these questions about who I am, I turned towards other people for answers. Mentors, experts, mediums, coaches, and even the spiritual Guides. 

While other people gave me their advice and told me what they would "see" and "hear from the guides", it bothered me to feel dependent and not sure it was all really true. Some answers stuck with me for years, influencing my decisions. I wanted to get the answers myself. So, I learned to channel.

When the guides were speaking to me, I felt it was important to listen to what they had to say and I followed their guidance. It felt they knew better than me.

Until one day, I heard them say "it is time you let go of us". I then stopped channeling. Focussing deeply inwards, until there is no more "up and down" "sky and earth", until there is expansion across the multidimensionality of who I was. Until there is Clarity from within.

These -sometimes very short- moments of inner clarity are what is most precious. This is why today, I guide people towards their own clarity. Because it is the only time, you can actually be sure. Not a single word coming from someone else or a guide or an energy, can even begin to compare with the feeling of clarity within.

Direction, purpose, and the strength the get there is multiplied.

Feeling of who you are, connecting to those deep vibrations, that too is precious. It is not a clarity of the mind, but one of the soul. You start remembering..

My story

One morning, I woke up, I had this sensation of clarity and I said out loud “I am a Soul Speaker”.

To come to that realisation, I lived a life that was the complete opposite.

I grew up internationally in countries such as Switzerland, the United States, Malaysia. I lived in a rational world. I studied business, climbed the corporate ladder, went to the big schools. I was good at it. I excelled even. But I felt like a piece of me was missing inside.

Growing-up, have no memories of seeing guides and energies. Or any of the subtle things in the world. That came much later in my 30ies. Yet what is sure, is that I always felt out of place, not knowing who I was, where I belonged, what I was supposed to do with my life.

As a teen-ager, I loved playing with my cards and connect myself to the spiritual world. It felt easy to me.

meditated for the first time at 18. It felt so right, it later became a second nature. I was obsessed with the question: "who am I?" "where do I come from?" "what is my role and purpose here?".

I looked for answers everywhere. Living over a decade in the "opposite" direction of who I was, getting completely lost, just so I could learn to come back to myself. Learn to open up fully to my spiritual sensitivity. Learn to connect with my bodies, with dimensions, with the soul, with the essence. Learn to go through density, blocages, resistance. Learn to heal and let go. Learn to vibrate and decode vibrations and patterns. Learn to listen to all there is, in a multitude of different languages.

Learn about light and darkness. And how to find harmony in the chaos.

I am still learning every day. About myself and the world around me.

Being human fascinates me.



for professionals. I am finally teaching professionals. I decided to travel for my 40th birthday. You'll be able to connect with me around the globe.


become a Soul Speaker - immersions are online!


Soul Speak is born :) Moved & opened my second practice


I gave 50+ Workshops & International trips focused on inner growth, energy work, healing & channeling. Podcast: ALIVE, 44 episodes.


Channeling, Focused on channeling messages from guides, other dimensions and healing energies.


Life & Emotional Coach, Focused on expressing emotions and healing wounds. As well as Akasha & Past Lives. Opened my first practice.


S*** I’m not happy in my job. Let’s make a change!


Corporate roles in multinational traveling to many countries on strategic assignments.


MBA INSEAD, top ranked business school in the world


International business & NGO work in United States, Brazil, Geneva and Guatemala


Finished Business Studies at University St.Gallen (Switzerland)


Moved to Switzerland


Moved to Malaysia


Moved to the United States


Born in Switzerland

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