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only if you're ready
to take your place in the world

Soul Speaker


uncover what makes you unique & bring it to life

next start: September 1st 2022

You are a Soul Explorer and want to deep dive into a unique experience with yourself.

You want to find your groove.


We have all come to bring our own special flavor to this world. We are all unique. With abilities that are specific to us. We are creators. Artisans. We travel through our inner depth to bring to this world what it needs.


This immersive program is for you if you want to take your unique place in the world. if you want to open up fully to your sensitivity and your energy-capabilities. if you want to discover what makes you unique and how to bring it to life. if you want to let go of what you've learned. if you want to embrace who you are and share it with others.


You will discover and acknowledge the purpose of your soul. You will open up to your deepest perceptions. You will learn how to overcome the fears of being you. You will see how to connect to your subtle self and not the one you have been taught.

Opening to your own sensitivity and understanding what it means to YOU is at the heart of the masterclass.

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find your place in the new world

see the invisible world

sharpen your senses

discover your new talents


Access to the masterclass gives you:

+ a step by step immersive program

+ dedicated human sized group

+ access to meditations, activations, explanations

+ practical exercises to implement

+ weekly Q&A

+ 2 immersions per month (=workshop)

+ the only program where you have LIVE meetings with me

+ can find a partner to practice with

+ choose when you are done, we move forward together 3 months by 3 months

+ BONUS: a forever access to the MEMBER'S LOUNGE


What do people say?

"Laure has an accuracy and precision in her words. She explains in a way that I understand and can put into practice."

- Marie


this masterclass is an immersive experience with yourself.

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