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find out where you come from and why you are here


for starseeds and lightworkers

each of us came here to earth. we are all humans.

and yet, what is inside of us is unique to each of us. we are all different. we are all important.

some came from the stars, some have traveled from far, some come from earth

and all came with the purpose to add their own vibrations

to contribute to the changes on earth.

when we are ready, we need to know where we come from and why we are here. to lift our own veil and see clearly.

it helps set a direction, it eases something inside, it brings joy and understanding to who you are and why you have chosen this particular life.

the origins program lasts 2 months and is made out of 4 steps


Activate & Align

we start by adjusting your vibration. we clear what no longer needs be. we align multidimensionally. we activate so you can receive your information.

your journey of transformation starts here


Travel to your origins

we will travel to the place of your origin. no matter how far it is, you will see and feel it. you may even meet people from there.


Remember why you came

you will remember the time when you decided to come to earth and what is important to you in this life.

you may recognise what type of soul you are.

you may choose to meet your guides for more clarity or connect to your own consciousness.


Embody in your current life

Knowing is not enough. The hard part is integrating it back into your life & making the adjustments you need.

understand potential roadblocks

You are now a human on earth, both ends need to meet for you to take on your next step.

I traveled to many places and can take you were you need to go.

I met with many guides and can introduce you to yours.

I believe, knowing comes when you are ready to take on your next step here on earth. I created Origins as a support for those who want to become even more present with themselves and fully embrace why they came here.

I believe you may have many soul purposes, not only one. They may all be shown to you at once, or you may uncover them as you progress.

I have witnessed so many different souls and vibrations and I can't wait for you to uncover yours.

While this program is designed for starseeds, earth lightworkers will also benefit greatly as they will learn more about who they are and why they came.


origins is a 2 months program and it includes

3 Soul Speak Sessions

1 Double Traditional session

answers to your burning questions

BONUS: a life long access to the members' lounge with access to perks and surprises, especially when I travel.


With this program, you ensure you have the answers to your questions. Both mentally as well as energetically.

When you start Origins, you enter an energetic space specifically built just for you. I design it in such a way that you benefit from an energy build-up as you progress.

You may of course purchase the sessions individually, the energy windows are then designed for that particular session and not for a larger timeframe.

If you are looking to get answers with your mind, your heart and your soul, this may be the program you were looking for.

Pay as you prefer:

One payment of 890 chf

Two monthly payments of 490chf

Three monthly payments of 350chf 

  • 890CHF
  • 490CHF
    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
  • 350CHF
    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
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