become a Soul Speaker


dive into a vibration bath


At times we need to regenerate.

we go through massive transformation. we give out a lot of energy.

and in-between waves, it's a good time to regenerate

Regeneration goes one step further than recharging batteries. While it does that too, it allows you to go deeper.


Like a baby in the womb of its mom, at times we need to further form. To be ready for what comes next on our path.


Each one of us and at every point in time, we need a different vibration-bath to regenerate.

with this immersion, you will have a guided experience. You will go exactly where you need to go to regenerate.

All you need to do is listen, let go and enjoy.

And you can come back to it at any other time you wish to regenerate.


this immersion includes

video explanation

audio you can listen to at any time

group to share your experiences and learn from others

access for life

BONUS: a life long VIP access to the members' lounge.

access for life

15 USD - 15 CHF - 14 EUR - 19 CAD